Tweaklet #7 – Smaller Plate Smaller Waist

There has always been a lot of debate about whether eating from a smaller plate actually makes people eat less. Studies have shown that there is some supporting psychology behind a smaller plate size helping with weight loss.

Of course the most important aspect to eating a healthy meal is getting the balance right –Half your plate should be green vegetables.  A quarter of your plate protein – which is meat, if you eat it , or lentils, legumes if you don’t  .An eighth of your plate is complex carbs – brown rice, quinoa, beets, sweet potato, carrot or millet. One eighth good fats – nuts, seeds, nut butter, nut oils, olive oil, avocado,  flax or coconut oil.

Don’t count calories, for goodness sake! There is no need for that, just get a better awareness of the foods you are putting on the plate. We’ll talk about that in another Tweaklet but for now, maybe play with the notion of smaller plate, smaller waist!

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