Tweaklet #12 – Quality Sleep and your gut health

The majority of people in the Western world are sleep deprived. Insufficient sleep is associated with a compromised immune system and with accelerated ageing and cell damage. On an everyday level what that means is that a lack of good sleep is affecting the bacteria in your gut which is what keeps us living long healthy lives.

The reason for this is that when you sleep your digestive system and other major organs rest and repair. The powerful antioxidant, melatonin is produced during sleep which helps prevent damage to cells. Getting good quality sleep means the stress hormone, cortisol, is less likely to ramp up as you won’t be as anxious during your waking hours.

To get a better nights sleep avoid caffeine, alcohol, carbs and sweets for 8 hours before bedtime.

Make sure your room is quiet, cool and dark.

Try to get on a regular schedule where you sleep and wake at the same time.

Find some soothing techniques, such as meditation, to engage in to calm and prepare yourself for sleep. Finding a routine for your morning wake up is good too to positively prepare yourself for the day.

I won’t sing you a lullaby but I do sincerely wish you a peaceful and restful sleep.

This was Just another tweaklet, a tiny food tweak to help you on the road to better health. Night night angels!

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