Tweaklet #10 – Super Foods!

Superfood….such a strong term isn’t it? Makes me think of a bunch of foods all lined up wearing superhero capes, and their undies on the outside!

There’s actually no official scientific definition of a superfood but it’s become widely recognised that certain foods contain high levels of much-needed vitamins and minerals. They are also a great source of antioxidents, which are substances that protect our bodies from cell damage and against disease.

The most well known superfoods are blueberries, kale and leafy greens, and salmon. But there are a bunch more – nuts, olive oil, yoghurt, whole grains and sweet potato. There are some really exotic ones too – like seeweed, cacao, chia seeds, mangosteen (I know I had to look that one up too!)

So your tweak superfood heroes, is to add a few more superfoods into your diet. Then it’s up, up and away!

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