Tweaklet #19 – Brain Fog!

You know one of the things I really hate is having a foggy brain! I’m sure you know what I mean- when you just can’t think straight and you feel like you’re battling your way through cotton wool!

Aaargh…….I hate it!

When we have deadlines to meet or loved ones to look after, even just errands to run, not having a clear mind is a real hindrance.

But, as always, I have some good news for natural ways to boost your mental capacity, your mood, as well as rejuvenate your overall brain health.. .all using food.

Gotu kola is a delicious brain shaped leaf that can be eaten in your salad. It helps with memory and repairing neural damage.

Gingko has been shown to boost stem cell production in the brain with extraordinary effects in memory and cognition

As I was researching this I came across some natural remedies that I was not familiar with so I will report on those too and do some more research into them for you.

Brahmi for instance is a revered medicinal plant which stimulates brain cells, whilst lowering brain inflammation.

Rhodiola combats stress and fatigue and restores our mental balance.

And finally Lion’s Mane which is a medicinal mushroom that repairs and rebuilds the nerve network in the brain preventing degenerative brain diseases.

I just love finding simple natural solutions to something like brain fog. It’s a great reminder that we don’t have to live with these annoying conditions or take pills, which only create more problems in our body.

So I order you…brain fog be gone!

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