Tweaklet #21 – Leaky Gut and its best friend gluten.

You might have heard the term Leaky Gut so let’s understand what that is.

Leaky gut is quite literally when your gut gets a little hole in it, which happens when your intestinal wall gets irritated by what you’re eating.

That tiny hole then allows toxins, bacteria and even particles of food to leak out of the gut into your bloodstream. This is very bad news because the body’s immune system tries to fight off these intruders and ends up attacking itself.

So how does the gut become leaky?

Some causes are antibiotics and anti inflammatories. And the weed killer gly-PHOS-ate that’s in a lot of our foods. But one of the worst offenders in making holes in our gut lining is the simple protein gluten.

Gluten is found in grain which means it’s in many of our staple foods – regular wheat bread, pasta, baked goods and cereal.

I know, I can hear you yelling at me from here….How am I going to give up bread? Or Pasta? Or my favourite cereal?

Well, all I can say is think about it. Like everything on Tweaklets, this is just about tiny tweaks and cutting back….or cutting out….gluten is a small price to pay for preventing and healing those holes in your gut that cause terrible digestive issues, as well as things like chronic fatigue…, hormonal imbalances…., skin conditions……, fibromyalgia….., arthritis…., migraines and asthma.

So before you butter that toast or fill your bowl with cereal, think twice. Think Tweaklets – this tiny food tweak that could make all the difference to your health .

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