Tweaklet #38 – Raw vs Cooked

An interesting topic of discussion amongst foodies and nutritionists is raw versus cooked. There is a growing amount of evidence to support the health benefits of eating raw food as opposed to cooked and in fact shifting to a completely raw diet is no longer thought of as a fad.

A raw food diet is usually one that includes a wide selection of fruits and vegetables and eliminates all packaged and processed foods.

Contrary to popular belief raw food is actually more easily digested than cooked, plus raw food retain more nutritional value from not having been heated.

Raw foods help to alkalize the body and reduce acidity and the digestive enzymes mean they are more easily eliminated which means there is less chance of food fermenting in our body.

Some of the benefits of eating raw, apart from better digestion, getting more fibre, and easier pooping….. include a lowering of inflammation………. improvement in heart health and liver function…… as well as giving us more energy and better clearer skin.

Raw versus cooked is a really interesting topic and a fun one to play around with. As with any kind of dietary change, take it slowly and do your research to find out what suits your body the best.

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