Tweaklet #5 – Breakfast: Savoury or Sweet

If you prefer a sweet breakfast please, I implore you, stay away from sugar cereals and pastries. Try Berries which are low in fructose so are a good low sugar fruit option and contain many phytonutrients.

Savoury breakfasts are a better option for most people however as they get blood sugar more balanced, which means less cravings and a more even delivery of energy throughout the day.

Scrambled eggs or an omelette are good options, if eggs agree with you. You can add fetta and olives for some healthy fat that keeps you feeling fuller and add in any green vegetables, like spinach and perhaps some peppers to spice it up.

But if you really love sweet, then try making a buckwheat pancake. Buckwheat is a seed and not made from wheat, so there are no issues with gluten, and makes delicious pancakes. Adding some maple syrup, which is a natural sweetener, makes a good topping.

You can work out what naturally suits you by noticing which type of breakfast gives you the best energy levels during the morning.

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Tweaklet #4 – Savoury Oatmeal

If you know you have a sweet tooth then having something sweet for breakfast can get your cravings started and your blood sugar balance on a roller coaster so there’s a strong argument for having something savoury for breakfast.

Research even suggests that if you have trouble going to be early or getting to sleep then it could be because you eat more sugar and fat than you need to. Tweak this balance and your metabolism will t thank you and your internal body can reset itself.

So think about starting the day on a savoury note. If you are an oatmeal lover then make a savoury version. Sound weird, well hear me out.

To your plain oats add one tablespoon of ground flax, and your favourite spice blend – think garlic powder, ground ginger, paprika, and turmeric. Then add a little milk or a non-dairy milk like almond or oat milk for a dose of protein. You can also add in grated zucchini for volume and extra fiber and top with a fried egg for extra protein.

Worth a try hey?

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