Tweaklet #34 – Nuts

Don’t you love nuts? They’re high in fibre and protein. They’re full of Heart-healthy fats. Yum!

So which are the healthiest nuts, and are some better for you than others?
Well, almonds top the list. I keep packets of almonds everywhere as they are just a great snack for every occasion. You don’t need many to stave off hunger pangs and keep your energy levels up.

Other excellent healthy nuts are Brazil nuts……cashews….hazelnuts……macadamia nuts……..pecans……walnuts and …….pistachios.

Peanuts are actually a legume as they grow underground and they tend to get a bad wrap but they’re healthy too when you buy them raw in the shell and pop them out to snack on.

When it comes to nuts raw is best but you can try out all different ways to roast them yourself at low temperatures.

You can make nut milk. Almonds are particularly good for this. You can soak them in water overnight and the next day peel them, blitz them in a food processor and squeeze through a muslin cloth. There’s a separate Tweaklet about this.

Nut butter is great for using as a paste or a butter in savoury and sweet dishes. It’s a very easy process of roasting some raw nuts then blending them with something like coconut oil and a natural sweetener if you wish. Again I’ll do another Tweaklet on this process.

I love making pesto with fresh basil or rocket and walnuts – blending everything together with garlic, olive oil and sea salt.

Nuts glorious nuts! So versatile!

Let me know your favourite nut recipe and if you want any from me I’d be happy to share.

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