Tweaklet #11 – Gut health and the link to your immune system

This is really exciting folks – the fact that the scientific world is recognising and exploring the link between your gut health and your immune system. To prevent disease and live a vibrant, active life we need to get our gut happy and healthy.

Our immune system is a huge network of cells and organisms that run throughout our whole body. It isn’t relegated to just one area of the body.

However, science now knows that roughly 80% of our body’s total immune system cells reside in the upper gastrointestinal tract so it follows that when you do good things for your gut, you are also helping your immune system in a big way.

There are many broad lifestyle changes you can take that will increase your gut health and in doing some boost your immune systems. From better hydration, getting better sleep and reducing your stress levels, to eating less sugar and eating more vegetables, and increasing your vitamin and mineral intake in the foods you eat or through supplements.

Take some time to get to know your gut and find out more about how you could simply and easily introduce a few tweaks that will move you towards vibrant health.

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