Tweaklet #1 – Water

Water … yep firstly most of us don’t drink enough of it – that’s not too much of a surprise – but secondly, it could help us eat less and lose weight. Really? Yep. Keep watching.

So how much water should we drink? Around 2 litres per day, or for our non-metric friends, that’s eight 8 ounce glasses. Depending on whether I’m at home, or out and about, I might not make my quota, sometimes not even close. But like any tweaklet, just tweak what you’re doing now and give it your best shot.

Honestly, there’s really no argument for NOT drinking water and ‘I don’t like the taste of it’ doesn’t cut it – add some fruit or find a natural hydration flavour sachet you can add. Maybe some fizzy water if you have to.

Around 60% of our bodies are made up of water so our cells need it for hydration and renewal. It makes our skin glow and not get all withered up and wrinkly and, most importantly, water helps us poop!

Plus if you drink a glass of water before a meal, you cut out those hunger pangs and because you’ll feel fuller you naturally won’t want to eat as much. Do that consistently and you are going to lose weight. So there’s today’s tweaklet – drink more water and look younger, brighter, poop better and lose weight!

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