Tweaklet #61 – Water

I am focusing again on Water in this episode. I don’t think there is anything more important to our health than drinking water.

It hydrates our cells which means it boosts the body’s ability to regenerate and rejuvenate. It flushes out toxins and prevents our system from getting sluggish and storing things it really should be eliminating.

It also improves the alkalinity of our system and you might remember from other episodes – disease and inflammation thrive on acidity and absolutely cannot live in alkaline conditions. This applies to every type of disease and inflammation so why wouldn’t we do our best to maintain an alkaline system.

Well, there are a couple of practical things about increasing your water intake – some people, like me, need to go to the bathroom a lot when we drink even moderate amounts. Given that we need to spend some time in the day doing other things than visiting the bathroom, it can be an issue.

But I do find that once I’ve been in the habit of upping my water intake, this levels out quite a bit so it’s worth persisting.

Some people say they don’t like the taste of water. To you dear folks, I say “Do your best to build a bridge and get over this hurdle” because this really isn’t a good reason.  Don’t substitute other liquids for water, although some herbal tea is OK and you could make your own lemonade with some freshly squeezed lemon juice, water and stevia to sweeten.

If sparkling water is your thing, some sparkling is OK although carbonation of any kind does rob your blood of oxygen. So bear that in mind.

So what sort of quantity are we talking about – 8 to 10 glasses is a good guide. Keep water with you all the time so that you remember to drink and if need be set a reminder on your phone.

It’s a good idea  to drink a large glass of water when you first wake up before taking anything else in and you can also help curb your appetite by drinking water before a meal.

But basically Tweakleters, just drink a good amount of water throughout each day.  Your body will thank you and you WILL notice a difference in how you feel. Remember, your body is your best guide, so pay attention it will let you know what it needs.

Thanks for watching! I’m off to get a drink of water!

See you next time!

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